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We provide home loans from £2,500 to £25,000 subject to 80%of the market value of the property.


We offer attractive car loan interest rates, a wide range of cars to pick from and your choice of payment arrangement through flexi EMIs make Abbeyfield the best choice for car loan.


We provide personal loans from £2,500 to £25,000. We charge interest at the rate varying from 11.49% to 19%.



With Abbeyfield, you can apply for a loan starting at £2,500. The maximum amount you can apply for is £27,499, without any security of guarantee.



Benefits of Loans to Your Door any day

Are you looking for a short-term financial assistance in the UK? Do you need money to resolve a financial emergency? If yes, you may want to consider quick loans to your door from bad credit site. There are a series of benefits of taking a loan from bad credit sites. Some of them are detailed below.

Benefits of short term loans

First of all, the eligibility criteria to get a loan are minimal. Any UK resident can get a loan if he can provide proof of his income, bank details and address. Unlike regular bank loans, you don’t need to present various papers to be eligible to avail a loan.

Secondly, short-term loans are offered within a day’s time. In some cases, you could expect the loan money within hours of sending your application. All you have to do is fill out a short and simple form at the lender’s website. If your application is approved, you will be notified by an email and money will be transferred to your checking account within an hour.

Thirdly, there is no need for you to have a good credit score when applying for a loan. With usual bank loans, you have to maintain a high credit score in order to get a loan. However, this is just not a requirement in the case of payday loans. never takes into consideration your credit history. All it takes is your income source and bank details. As such, you can apply for a quick loan even if you have a poor credit rating.

Lastly, borrowers have to repay the loan money on their next payday along with interest. There is no meeting between borrowers and lenders throughout the loan process, which saves a lot of time. The only downside of loans to your door from bad credit site is high rates of interest. Also, you will have to bear fines if you lag behind in repaying the loan.

However, you can easily overcome these downsides. Taking a loan from a reputed bad credit payday loan lender such as is a simple way to grab a low-interest deal. Late payment fines can be prevented by paying the loan on the due date. Above all, if you compare the benefits of these loans for managing your financial urgency, you will find that these short-term loans are highly cost-effective. Due to these benefits, most of the working class people turn to this UK payday loan facility whenever they get stuck for cash for accomplishing their financial emergencies.

Importance of Financial Planning

Financial Planning

It is essential to start creating a financial plan at a young age, as it will help you with your short and long-term goals. Most of us live a life where we earn every month and spend everything for various purposes, and by the end of the month, we are left with no savings. It is not advisable to live such a life as it leaves you purposeless and at some point in life you might require a considerable sum of money, and it is always good to be prepared in such a situation. Financial planning is not only applicable to individuals but also to huge business enterprises.

Financial Planning

The following are some of the reasons why financial planning is important:

Managing income:

Planning on how you would spend your income is a great way to manage your salary or profit. When you plan your expenditure, you will understand where you are spending unnecessarily, and you will start to spend wisely. Thereby you will have enough money through the month and also consider saving a little for the future. When you manage your income, you will have a goal-oriented life, and you will exactly know how much you should spend for a particular purpose as you will be carefully monitoring your spending patterns and never have to worry about having empty pockets at the end of the month.


There are many investments in today’s world, and we are often confused as to which one we need to select. A proper financial planning will help you understand various finances and enables you to decide which type of investment is best suited for your income and spending patterns. An investment is affected by your circumstances, goals and risk tolerance. So if you have a proper financial planning, you will have a clear idea of which fields of investment will provide you a reasonable rate of return.


When you monitor your expenditure, you get a rough idea of how much money you will need to save to achieve your goal. So, you can start saving towards your goal and understand your savings rate in a better way. When you plan your finances, you will know if you are overspending or managing within your budget.


Everyone has a different age in their minds when it comes to retirement. Some want to retire at the age of 60 while some want to retire at the age of 35. The earlier you want to retire, the better you need to plan your finances. It gives you control over your financial lifestyle and a whole new approach to your budget.


Life is all about preferences. You can either choose to have a goal and work towards it or take things as it comes. Both have its perks and disadvantages and in the end doing what makes you happy is what matters.

The Best Way to Manage your Finances

Manage your Finances

Everyone has to deal with finances in their lives. The way you spend your money can significantly impact your lifestyle. Many of us make it into adulthood without learning how to manage our finances. It may take some time to become a master at handling your income but learning the basics is quite simple.

Manage your Finances

The following are some of the best ways to manage your finances:

Have a goal:

Before setting your finances right, you need to figure out what you want in life. It must be something which gives you the energy to drive yourself through any situation. Once you have decided on your goals, you can start to plan your finances. The goals you set significantly affect the way you plan to spend your income. If you have multiple aims, then list them down and prioritize them. By listing and prioritizing them, you will pay attention to the ones which are very important to you.

Plan on how to spend your money:

Once you have set your goals, plan on how you will achieve such goals. First, calculate your income and analyze how much money you will have to spend a month on groceries, food and other basic items. Keep track of all the money you spent in a month and try cut down all the unnecessary expense you made. After calculating that, you can focus on saving up for your goals. Monitoring your budget is one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams.

Seek help whenever necessary:

No one is born a financial manager. We all learn these things and get better with time and practice. It is always good to seek help from a financial advisor who can help you out with various risks and challenges you would have to face. There may be certain areas where you may be going wrong and require professional help to guide you through multiple procedures.

Break all obstacles:

Debts can be a huge obstacle to reaching your goals. Before proceeding with your financial goal plan, make sure that you have a strategy to clear all your debts. If you are paying interests on the loans you have taken then you will hardly have anything left for your savings. Once you are out of debt, you need to make sure that you stay out of it once and for all. Try to work as hard as possible to clear off everything so that you will be able to focus on getting your goals done.


Maintaining finances might sound very hard in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, you will start to monitor your finances. Learn to build your savings and never feel bad to ask for help and taking time off to manage your budgets can pay off.